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Our editors and writers are dedicated to helping you produce top quality English writing, assisting you to succeed in your studies and career. Below are the services that target individuals.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


CVs and Cover Letters

These days, it’s not unusual for a recruiter to receive well over 100 resumes for just one position. Most recruiters are receiving more resumes they can handle. That means it is not sufficient to have a well-written and error free CV, to have an edge in the job market, you need an outstanding CV.

To be successful in your job search, a professionally written application cover letter and resume are absolutely essential in order to help you to cut through the clutter and grab the attention of the recruiter. If your covering letter and resume are poorly written, you could be screened out of the process very early on, no matter how well qualified you are. Can you afford to take that chance in this job market?

The Language Advantage Institute can help. Our editors have helped thousands of job-seekers and graduates secure job interviews. With years of experience gained from reviewing and improving thousands of resumes, we can assist you to put together a strong and convincing job application that will maximise your chance of making it to the interview. 

What  you can expect from our CV editing service:

  • A thorough evaluation of your CV by a professional editor to eliminate mistakes in grammar, sentence structure and use of words

  • Review of resume content and structure to ensure that all of the essential elements of an effective resume are present and the contents are laid out a logical and easy-to-read manner

  • Rewriting sentences and phrases that makes it easy for the recruiter/employer to identify you as a suitable candidate for a position

  • Fine tuning words and phrases so that your CV stands out in a CV database search 

·    That's not all, our editors will conduct an in-depth examination of the names of organisations, titles, awards and business terms  for accuracy and correctness.


·     If you are a fresh graduates or recent graduate* we will only charge you $300 for a complete edit of your CV. For professionals (those with more than 1 year working experience) a fee of $450 applies.


In addition, if you send us your cover letter, our editors will:   

  • Review your covering letter to ensure all the necessary components of a sound covering letter are present and that it answers all the important questions by employers about your suitability for the available position

  • Carry out a sentence-by-sentence review to improve sentence flow and coherence

  • Check word usage for correctness and accuracy

  • Evaluate the tone of your letter and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the letter matches the expected level of a high quality candidate 



Whether you are an experienced executive, a recent graduate who have landed on your first job, or still at school, good presentation skills are essential for getting your ideas across effectively so you can get ahead in your career. If you are a university student, your presentation will account for a component of your grade. That is why it is vital that your presentation material be logical, well thought out and conveys your message effectively.  

If you feel that your presentation material is not helping you get your message across, send your presentation material to us for an expert evaluation, our editors will conduct a complete review of the content, language, and structure.

 Our editors will:

  • Carefully evaluate your presentation, eliminating mistakes in grammar, sentence structure and use of words

  • Review the content so that the facts and ideas are presented clearly and in a logical and easy-to-understand manner

  • Assess the structure and organisation of your presentation and suggest ways to make it more compelling to help you better connect with your audience

Our editing fee for presentation material starts from as low as $150, send us your presentation to receive a free and no-obligation quote. 


English Editing for Academic Studies

Do you want to make your academic thesis/research paper stand out from the rest and to ensure that your submission is of the highest academic standard? Your ability to communicate professionally reflects your ability as a researcher. A professionally written research paper and thesis can raise your reputation among your peers and faculty members, opening doors to opportunities.
Our professional editing team has years of experience helping university students and academics produce top quality writing. Our panel of editors is recruited from diverse backgrounds so that any document submitted to us will be reviewed by experienced editors in that field. In fact some of them are currently editors in universities in Hong Kong whose daily work is to review academic papers and assist students and researchers in their academic writing. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Sciences and Engineering (Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing, Civil, Chemical and Computer Science)

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Business, Finance and Economics

  • Communications and Journalism

  • Social Sciences

 Using our services is easy, documents can be submitted by e-mail, fax or through the mail. Documents will be given to qualified editors who will then assess the piece and determine the charges based on the amount of time needed. A no obligation quotation will be given completely free of charge. Editing will take around three to five working days and completed pieces will be returned in the specified format.

Furthermore, to uphold our reputation, we pledge that your work will be kept strictly confidential. Only one editor with experience in your field will be authorized to work on your paper.

Our fees are based on an estimation of the time spent working on your piece, depending on the subject, complexitiy of your work and quality of English, the rate at which our editors work range from 5 to 12 standard A4 pages per hour with a line space of 1.5. That means a ten page paper will cost around $450. 

Contact us on 29614255 or send your work to for a no-obligation quote.

Contact: Telephone +852 29614255, Fax +852 30070210, Email

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