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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - General
How much is your language services, can I tell you the type of the document I want edited and receive a firm quotation from you?
We have a clear and structured charging scheme for our translation services, translation fees are based on the type of the document and the number of words in it; our translation services start from $0.6 per source wrod. Our writing service is calculated based on the type of the project (letter, speech, articles, report, etc.) and the length of the piece. Fees start from $0.8 per word, generally the higher the number of words in a project the lower the unit cost.  Please refer to our table of charges under Ordering. For editing we will require submission of the piece to be edited or excerpts to determine the type and nature of the piece and the amount of work involved. Our editing fees range from $0.2 to $1 per word for letters, reports and proposals and $2 to $5 for advertisement copies. We also have special rates for academic editing, i.e. editing theses and manuscripts. The fees start from $0.12 per word for documents of 50,000 words or over.

If I would like you to go ahead with a document what do I have to do? Do you require prepayment?
Before we proceed with a project we require you to sign an Order Form which includes a service fee that will not change. After signing please fax the form to 30070210 or email it to
We do not require prepayment, we will invoice you after we have completed your project and you can settle the account by posting us a cheque or depositing into our bank account.
Do you have a performance or quality guarantee for your services? 

Our quotations are provided after carefully reviewing the requirements of a project and the time and resources needed to undertake the project. Once we have made an offer to finish a project by a certain date, it is a guarantee that will be upheld and you will receive the finished project on that date, if not earlier.
Also we take the quality of our service very seriously, if, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our service, we will assign your piece to another editor who will contact you to discuss your concerns and review your piece at no extra charge. 

Can I ask your editors to recheck my piece If I have made changes to it AFTER I have received the reviewed piece back?
When editing a piece, our editors will sometimes not be able to understand the intended meaning of a sentence or phrase, in these situations, we will ask the client to review the parts in question and rewrite them. We would be very happy to recheck the reworked parts. We are also prepared to proofread other changes made to the document within reasonable limits.
If content has been added to a piece after we have given out a firm quote, or significant changes have been made we would still be able to maintain the price if the additional material is within 5% of the length of the original piece, e.g. 500 words for a 10,000 word piece.  


2 - CVs and Cover Letters
I have a CV and cover letter that needs proofreading, what is the fee for both?
We have a CV and cover letter editing package, for $700 an experienced editor will review your CV and letter for grammtical accuracy and clarity and edit them to improve their effectiveness. If you only need your CV or cover letter edited, the fee is $450.

I have a cover letter which I plan to use for job applications, I don't have a specific field or position in mind, can you help me edit the letter?
We can certainly review your application letter for grammatical accuracy and appropriateness of the tone, but we would suggest you write a separate for each position you apply for. Generic letters, or general letters that fit all kinds of positions, rarely work; you are strongly advised to develop a tailor-made cover letter for each position you are applying for which would allow you to demonstrate how your skills and experience fit the position being offered.
I have a generic cover letter which I plan to use to apply for marketing positions, can you help me revise it?
Yes we have a cover letter editing service. However to maximise your chance of success of being shorlisted for an interview, we would suggest that you produce a letter tailor-made for each specific positions you are applying for. We will then review your letter and give recommendations that will help you grab the attention of the employer and stand out from the applicants. In addition it would help tremendously if you could give us the details of the job being offered, for example, the company, job title, responsibilities and years and type of experience they require of candidates.

3 - Academic papers and theses
I am a PG student of XYZ University and I have a PhD thesis in shape memory alloys that needs editing, do you offer such a service and do you have an editor experienced in this subject area?
Yes we have an academic editing service fee, several of our editors have worked or are currently working in universities whose responsibilities include proofreading and reviewing academic papers to ensure that the English language quality is fit for publishing in international academic journals. Also we have editors who specialise in reviewing engineering theses and papers and engineering materials is one of the areas in which we have ample experience.

My PhD thesis has 50,000 words, what is the editing fee?

Our academic editing service starts from $0.15 per word, discounts are available for documents with 30,000 words or longer. Please refer to the table below for our editing fee.

Number of words

$ per word



25000 - 35000




When can I have it back?

If you submit your thesis today, we will be able to finish reviewing your piece in three days (including non-weekdays). For academic theses, our editors work at a rate of 15,000 words per day, which means a 50,000-word piece would require three to four days to complete.


Submission of documents

If you would like to submit a document for our consultants to work on, or wish to receive a free quotation, send your document to our email: or fax to 30070210. We will reply you within 3 hours.





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